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Sidas Academy Experts

Dr Lutz Graumann

Sports medicine, nutritional medicine and chirotherapy specialist. 

MD, Ph.D. and Specialist in Sports Medicine, Nutrition and Chirotherapy  

Founder of Sportmedizin Rosenheim, Quest Vitality and XROLL 

Director of Performance Medicine at Tignum 

Author of “Functional Fascial Training with Blackroll” 

My mission is to work on healthy population and to bring them to higher performance. Keeping people happy and healthy is my leitmotiv. I want to share my knowledges with the Sidas Academy and to apply them to the everyday persons.” 

Dion Taylor

Sports Retail Specialist

 Ex- CEO of the Snow+Rock Group (Snow+Rock Sports, CycleSurgery and Runners Need) for 27 years. 

Ex- Director of Icebreaker Europe 

Training was critical to the success of Snow+Rock to have a good quality of service and fulfill customers needs. I want to share my retail expertise to help sport specialist industry to improve the consumer experience. The role of the Academy is to provide knowledge and bring retailers to become specialist to differentiate form internet and stop fighting with prices. 

Selling is not a dirty word; it’s about satisfying customer needs. 

Dr Michel Maestro

Orthopedic surgeon specialized in ankle and foot

European society of Foot and Ankle Surgery (EFAS) 

Surgeon Trainer

Searcher at ISM (Institut des Sciences du Mouvement)

"What's the use of having a knee or hip prosthesis if the foot isn't level? There are many unknowns to the foot. I'm fascinated by the subject of biomechanicsparticularly with the arrival of new technologies." 

Gérard Pouet

Sports Retail Specialist

Founder and CEO of CNPC (1982 - 2015)

CEO of SAS Gérard Pouet Consulting 

Author : 

 « Management et Stratégies » (Strategie and management)

« Le commerce du Sport » (Sport sales)

« Le commerce du sport, guide pratique d’ouverture d’un magasin »  (Sport sales : Practical advice dedicated to your shop opening)

Jean-Jacques Rivet

Biomechanist and foot expert


Head of the performance optimization department for the PGA European Tour

In charge of the innovation department for Under Armour, for golf and rugby

Co-creator and teacher at the Master's degree of Sport Engineering, at Aix-Marseille University


"The key to my work is to optimize the performance and movement of athletes and to understand their limits and the signature of their gesture"

"The Academy, it's innovation. It's always being at the forefront of what we are able to do, with new materials and processes"

"The mission of the Academy, which is mine, it is to be able to transmit as much as possible what we know"