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copie_ Video bootfitting training

Jullian Mills, our bootfitting experts shares with you all his tips & trics to learn or improve your knowledges and skills.
Thanks to these 22 videos, you should be able to fullfil your customer needs for a great experience in your store.
So don’t lose a second and KEEP ON LEARNING!

What is the Sidas Academy?

Discover the Academy and it’s main missions.

Why should you train?

Thanks to this video you will know what trainings can bring to you and to your shop.

Who are the Sidas Academy’s trainings made for?

Now you know who can train!

What is bootftitting?

Jules explains you what bootfittings means and why it is so important.

Feet bones:

Thanks to this video, you will be unbeatable on all the different foot parts. 

Every foot is unique:

Now you know why the foot is so unique.

Comfort components:

Our expert lists and explains all the comfort components


The footbeds are one of the most important things when we talk about comfort. 

Ski boots:

How can we talk about bootfitting without talking about ski boots? 

The liner:

Do you knwo the different kinds of liners?


Accessories are often less considered than expensive products, but they are a real lever of turnover improvement!


Find out the different types of socks and why they are a fundamental part of the customers’ comfort.

Heating solutions:

Here are several heating solutions that you can bring to your customers. 

Foot analysis:

In bootfitting, it is really important to understand that analysis is key.

Shell check:

To be sure you have chosen the right ski boots, you need to do a shell check with your custmer’s feet. Our expert shows you how to do it.

Ski boots testing:

There is only one solution to know if your customer’s feelings are good: Testing!

Shell modifications:

Do you know the different parts of the ski boots that can be streched ?

Custom insoles:

Jules shows you how to do a pair of custom insoles, step by step

Insoles finishing touches:

When your custom insoles are ready, you need to give them a professional look.

Heating elements:

In this video, you will learn how to put heating elements on insoles. 


Here are two methods of liner modifications, in order to bring comfort to your coustomer

Thermoformed liner:

Your customer needs a precised and comfortable liner ? So let’s mold a thermoformed liner