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Jullian Mills, our bootfitting experts shares with you all his tips & trics to learn or impoove your knowledges and skills.
Thanks to these 22 videos, you should be able to fullfil your customer needs for a great experience in your store.
So don’t lose a second and KEEP ON LEARNING!


Who for?

All the professionals who wants to train and develop their bootfitting skills, from the beginners to the most experts.


More than 3h of training, divided in 22 videos.

Knowledge and skills developed:
  • Definition of the Academy and bootfitting

  • Anatomy and biomechanics of the foot

  • Foot analysis

  • The essential components of comfort and performance

    • Bootfitting techniques (custom footbed, liners, shell deformations…)

      • Selling process to improove your clients experience.